Trade Report

May 23, 2019

1. Birmingham traded OG-OT-DT Ray Collins & 1950 Draft Pick Birmingham-1 to Norfolk for OT Lou Creekmur.

2. Birmingham traded RB Pat Harder, CB Tommy James & 1951 Draft Pick Birmingham-1 to Sacramento for QB Otto Graham.

3. Birmingham traded QB Norm Van Brocklin to Dallas for 1950 Draft Pick Dallas-1.

4. Birmingham traded QB George Ratterman to Pittsburgh for 1949 Draft Pick Pittsburgh-1.

5. Miami traded RB Eddie Price to San Diego for 1950 Draft Pick San Diego-1.

6. Miami traded TE-WR-DB Neill Armstrong, DT Al DeRogatis & TE-DE Joe Tereshinski to San Diego for 1950 Draft Pick San Diego-2, 1949 Draft Pick San Diego-1 & 1949 Draft Pick San Diego-2.

7. Birmingham traded WR Billy Wilson & 1950 Draft Pick Birmingham-4 to Miami for RB Lynn Chandnois.

8. Miami traded RB Jim Parmer & OG Slug Witucki to San Diego for OG-LB Buddy Burris, RB Ralph Pasquariello, 1949 Draft Pick San Diego-3 & 1950 Draft Pick San Diego-3.

9. Providence traded WR Bill Stribling to San Diego for DT Al Carapella.

10. Pittsburgh traded QB Frank Tripucka to Syracuse for 1950 Draft Pick Syracuse-3.

11. Dallas traded QB Norm Van Brocklin to Miami for 1950 Draft Pick Miami-3.

12. Miami traded 1949 Draft Pick Miami-4 to San Diego for C Bill Walsh.

13. Miami traded QB Charley Conerly to San Diego for RB Larry Coutre & RB Eddie Price.

14. Canton traded OG-DL Knox Ramsey & 1949 Draft Pick Canton-3 to Detroit for TE-DE Bob Dove & 1949 Draft Pick Detroit-6.

15. Canton traded RB-DB Don Doll to Miami for RB-DB Al Campana & 1949 Draft Pick Miami-1.

16. Providence traded TE-WR-DE Dan Edwards & 1948 Draft Pick Providence-4 to San Diego for 1948 Draft Pick San Diego-1.

17. Birmingham traded QB Otto Graham, TE Horace Gillom & OG Lin Houston to Canton for QB Sammy Baugh, TE Steve Pritko, OG Buster Ramsey & 1949 Draft Pick Canton-1.

18. Dallas traded OT George Connor, DB Warren Lahr, LB Ed Sharkey & DE Tom Wham to San Diego for RB-DB Paul Crowe, TE-DE Bob Jensen, 1948 Draft Pick San Diego-2, 1948 Draft Pick San Diego-3 & 1948 Draft Pick San Diego-4.

19. Dallas traded TE-WR-DE Len Ford, TE-WR-DE Bob Jensen & RB Bus Mertes to San Diego for RB-LB-K Rex Grossman & 1947 Draft Pick San Diego-1.

20. Dallas traded LB Bill Muha to Detroit for DB Bill deCorrevont